Welcome to the Power Electronics Lab

Welcome! We are a power electronics group at Arizona State University, led by Professor Qin Lei. Our research focuses on wide band gap device based advanced power electronics for the application of medium voltage motor drive, electric vehicles, PV grid integration, and data center power conversion.

Our current research interests are:

  • SiC MOSFET based Modular Multilevel Converter and Solid State Transformer for Medium Voltage application
  • High-efficiency high power density GaN FET and SiC MOSFET based On-Board Charger for Electrical Vehicle
  • Coordination control and stability of high penetrated microgrid
  • Extremely high frequency (xMHz) high voltage (kV) pulse power supply based on SiC device
  • GaN-based high-frequency high-efficiency PFC for various applications


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A Universal Block of ‘Series Connected SiC MOSFETs’ for Medium/High voltage converters

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